Out to Brunch Review: Estadio

I don’t need an excuse to try out a new-to-me brunch venue, but a gathering of close friends over a holiday weekend might be one of the best excuses out there.

I am big fan of the 14th street restaurant scene near the Logan Circle/ U Street neighborhoods in DC. With new venues popping up here what seems like weekly, its hard to keep up with my ever-growing list of places to brunch.

Thankfully Estadio did not disappoint.


photo (2)


Estadio draws you in upon first glance. Located on the corner of Church and 14th Streets, its cozy location makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon some place familiar. Upon entering, I was immediately drawn in my the warm Spanish tiles, the wrought ironwork hanging on the walls, and the solid wood tables that give it the atmosphere of sitting down to a family dinner.

photo (3)

photo (7)


The drink menu at Estadio is quite substantial but I came with only one drink on my mind, the Slushito.

One of Estadio’s specialties, the Slushito is exactly what it sounds like, a mini slushy, but with a kick!

photo (6)

I chose the Blueberry Slushito which included Cava and flavors of mint. It was absolutely phenomenal, not too sweet and a perfect way to cool down on a hot morning.


Estadio’s menu seeks to impress with simple, fresh plates made from scratch. You may be able to skip the bread basket at some restaurants, but don’t do it here! Their bread is baked in house and the fresh and crunchy house bread with honey butter and sea salt was beyond amazing. I would probably go back there just to have this bread. It’s that good.

photo (4)

While my friends dug into Estadio’s homemade pistachio granola, I chose the Soft Scrambled Eggs with Goat’s Cheese, Mushrooms and Scallions. Never did I think a meal this simple could taste so great.

photo (5)


Estadio was absolutely perfect in every way. Everything about the experience felt comfortable and unpretentious, exactly how a great brunch should. Only tiny complaint was our service was a little slow, but really not bad at all for a busy Saturday. Estadio is definitely going on my must-brunch list!

Atmosphere: 9/10

Drinks: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!



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