A Moment for Cupcakes

DC is known as (among other things) a cupcake obsessed city, with the ubiquitous Georgetown Cupcake dominating the cupcake culture.

As a Washingtonian, I have proudly tested most of the local cupcakerys and I will say, Georgetown Cupcake is not my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong, the cupcakes are GOOD.   I even have a picture of Georgetown’s “Signature Swirl” print on my cabinet at work.

photo (14)

Cupcake Art

Usually, I just like the flavors at other shops better (and going to grab a cupcake at a place that doesn’t have a 30 minute wait and a line around the corner helps too).

Today however, I want to take a moment to rave about one of their July specialty cupcakes that knocked my socks off, the Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake.

photo (13)

Half cheesecake, Half cupcake, and all blueberry, this cupcake had everything I could ever want in a summer treat. It wasn’t too heavy, and the cheesecake graham cracker crust was a very pleasant surprise.

photo (10)

You know something’s good when you’re still dreaming about it the next day. I HIGHLY suggest you head over to Georgetown Cupcakes (or maybe have some shipped to you!?) to snag this beauty before the month is over.

photo (11)

Have a ‘sweet’  day,



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