Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as I have. Yesterday Kelsey and I kicked the holiday off right with two of the most American things I can think of: Americone Dream and the West Wing.

IMG_0503Colbert knows how I like my ice cream 🙂

Today we ventured to Baked and Wired–my favorite District cupcakery– to grab some coffee + sweets before heading downtown for some patriotic festivities.

Iced Coffee in a Red Cup feels truly patriotic

IMG_0507IMG_0508All in all, today was a simply a perfect holiday with lots of time spent with great friends;

Eating Burgers;


and watching an amazing fireworks display

IMG_0521 IMG_0517

My pictures certainly don’t do it justice. I’ve seen the DC display 4 years in a row and I think this year was the best! They even had USA lettered ones!

Enjoy the rest of your 4th.

With freedom and fireworks,