Inspired: Floral Pants

I recently returned from a 9-month post grad fellowship to Indonesia.


Indonesia is an incredibly vibrant country.  The food, the people, and the fashion are equally colorful and bold.

Indonesian style is inspired by the diversity of its landscape and culture. One of the highlights of their unique fashion is a fabric known as Batik, which is traditionally imprinted with bold patterns and florals.


My Indonesian Friends and I wearing Batik

Inspired by this bold design, I’ve been lusting after a pair of floral trousers, mirroring Indonesian fashion in a modern trend.

A few that I particularly like:

From Forever 21: $22.80


From Asos: $37.33


Also from Asos: $47.52

The second ASOS pair has a particuarly batik inspired pattern


 Zoomed in view of Pants


Traditional Batik Pattern

From Nordstrom (Viva Vena!): $88


I’m liking the flow-y trouser feeling to these pants compared to the skinny, straight legged pants that dominate my wardrobe.

How about you all-Do you prefer straight legged or flow-y pants? Would you wear floral pants? I love reading your comments!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, and for those of you who are working today (like me!) Hang in there! TGIF!